Oh Facebook, Why you irritate me so much…?

So, turns out Facebook are doing a whole lot of changes recently to their UI, some good some bad I don’t really use it that much from the browser to notice most of them.

One of the single most annoying additions has been their live ‘news ticker’ which in a nutshell just shows you the items that are in your news feed except in a somewhat odd order.

I have somehow managed to remove mine but thought I would share a couple of ways to get rid of it.

  1. Using a bookmarklet – Pros: lightweight, works on all browsers (except FF 6.0.2+ until they fix this “bug”) Cons: need to use bookmarklet on every page load.
  2. Using a browser extension, in this case, AdBlock Plus Pros: always blocked unlike bookmarklet. Cons: need to have adblock installed.

first the bookmarklet – if you are unsure about what bookmarklets are, read this blog from @conroyp, not going to rehash what they are when he has already ;) -, I will write it out in full first and explain it before giving the minified version.

// grab the two elements that contain the news ticker and set their css property 'display' to none effectively hiding them.
document.getElementById('pagelet_rhc_ticker').style.display = 'none';
document.getElementById('pagelet_ticker').style.display = 'none';

The bookmarklet minified and ready for use:


The above seems to not render properly for me on my machine and I’m not about to dive into editing a wordpress theme are 23:08 on a Wednesday, but I have included the bookmarklet in this handy link (remember you’ll need to drag and drop this to your bookmarks and click it when on your facebook profile).

The second method all be it a slightly clunkier method but is nice if you have ad block installed already is to block the news ticker using adblock rules. This can be achieved by adding the following rules to your adblock definitions.


The longevity of these methods is determined by facebook and will break if they decided to change the id’s that the ticker lives in.

Facebook’s F8 conference is scheduled for tomorrow evening (GMT time) which I am sure they’ll add a lot of newer UI elements, some might be good, most of them not so. If there are any that particularly annoy me I may update this post with bookmarklets to remove them also.

end note:

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